What I Did On My Holidays

Chapter 33

So this is Vancouver

Day 24

Today we had a look around the city of Vancouver. They too have busses that work like trams. An extensive network that let us jump on and off busses all over the centre of Vancouver. This is really useful when you don't know where the busses are headed. You just have to get off when it is no longer going where you want to know.

A recommended sight is the SkyTrain with it's "Ahsome inverter noise". Yes this was a Plasma Boy recommendation. And yes it was an audible inverter noise. The amusing thing was that we had already heard that noise in Japan. But, yep, there was a degree of ahsome-ness to listening to it.

Of course the really amusing thing about the SkyTrain is that our journey on it was entirely underground. Sure for most of it's length it is above the city, but the bit in the centre of the city is underground. They ought to rename that section the DirtTrain.

Another feature of the day is that it rains in Vancouver.


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